At the final project in the Bootcamp Ironhack, we have a chance to choose between three companies that are successfully established in the market. Still, they have some challenges in Design and User experiences.

My decision for this Design challenge went to the local company Issa’s chips.

The Client

  • Issas chips is a small business based in Buffalo, NY.
  • Owners James and Andrew Issa carry out family traditions that their father put into place when he launched the Lebanese bakery in 1981.
  • Issas Chips is now seeking to expand customer awareness and engagement with their product through their online presence.

I have…

The next individual project that we were doing at Ironhack Bootcamp was the Wellness app. We had the freedom to choose any of the areas of health. I decided to focus on Stress Reduction and Relaxation. Since our client is the National Wellness Institute, I will try to unlock its value and the users. The idea was to propose a new mobile app designed to support and improve wellness.

Question is: Are you under stress?


In this five day sprint at Ironhack Bootcamp, we had a task to design a microsite of a festival or event and invent a feature that will present that Festival. We were working in a group of three, so at the beginning, I felt curious about how we will come along with different ideas and the style. During the process, we brainstormed and learned from each other.

We chose a music festival that will use smart technology to alleviate COVID concerns. …

Photo by Morning Brew on Unsplash

In my third week as an Ironhack student, we had another challenge. To analyze an already existing and highly adopted app and incorporate a new feature into the existing product. The Feature will be on an area of functionality and how to explored and compared it to user input.

In these four days sprint, for the first time, we were working individually. I felt a little nervous and challenged because I have never been working solo so far. I decided to go with an Uber app because it completely changed the transportation system. …

The second-week project at Ironhack was Local E-Commerce — Re-designing a local shop website to improve their online presence. So they could be more competitive in the market. For this project, we had 4 days to discover through research and analysis to define the problem, develop solutions, and deliver products in the form of a low and mid-fi prototype.

My partner Michael Moyers and I choose a local brewery Aslan Brewing Company located in Bellingham, Washington, and Seattle. Luckily we had a chance to talk with the production lead, Jake, who share his goals and insights.


The e-Commerce client


As a student of Ironhack Bootcamp, during our first week doing remotely, we have the challenge to make our first case study based on a wicked problem that we chose. In my case, that was Immigration. How we might help migrant people to complete the task to start their life. Because many who arrived are stunned in their process by the intensely bureaucratic and overwhelmingly opaque process.

Do you know how to navigate immigration process?”

My team, Fast and furious (Adam Kuhr, Giancarlo Montano, and me) tried to do our best using zoom as a remoting tool…

Milena Vasic

UX/UI Designer

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